How can you use HEDGING PRO?


Easily import your cash data of purchase/sales: automatic data sorting, which saves you time.


Create basis-, spread- and margin analyses between cash/physical market and futures market and/or between purchase and sales.

SAve time

Save time with creating graphs, easy recalculate from $/Bushels to € /Ton etc.


What is the correlation between your output product price individual commodities such as soybeans, corn, wheat etc? Or between potatoes and sunflower?


See if observed changes in trend can be proven with data and if you can trade on this trend change?


Evaluate forward prices of your current contract relations and/or determine prices that you can offer for sales or purchases in the future

What is the difference with other Hedging Software?

Hedging PRO contains all market functionalities and in addition facilitates the discovery and development of suitable hedging strategies as well as hedge and trade simulation under changing market conditions.



Do you offer industry specific packages?

Yes, we offer Industry Specific Hedging PRO Packages in: Metals, Agro, & Energy. The Hedging PRO team has conducted extensive research in order to develop technically sound market specific hedging software packages for the Metals, Agro, and Energy industries. The industry specific Hedging PRO packages consider the unique conditions within the Metals, Agro, and Energy markets and allow users to learn and develop suitable hedging strategies to fit industry specific risk management needs.

Can I make an appointment for a demonstration session?

Yes, if you are interested in the Hedging PRO Software and want to make an appointment for a demo session, please contact us via:, a member of our team will contact you.

Hedging PRO